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Taren Kinebrew

Welcome to Sweet Petit Desserts. Here at our virtual home, I hope we can tempt you with our splendid collection of edibles.  If this is your first Sweet Petit Desserts experience, let me share with you a little bit about my dessert establishment and myself. 

I have served in the Army National Guard for 7 years.  During this time I obtained my BS in Information Systems with a minor in accounting, all while climbing the corporate ladder as a programmer/analyst for IBM.  After leaving corporate in 2008 I decided to use my skills as a businesswoman and my gift as a 3rd generation baker to birth Sweet Petit Desserts in August of 2009.  


What I have created with desserts has started a trend for specialty dessert bars for all occasions.  By creating simple flavors and unique artistry, I encourage my customers to lose themselves completely in the sweet sensuality of it all. What has inspired me is the joy and happiness that people feel when they can enjoy the taste of any dessert that pleases the palette.  They are delicious and petite treats bursting with flavor.  Although you may not eat just one they are prepared to fill that craving without over indulging.  I grew up in the kitchen loving to bake with my grandma, which has become my passion.  So I am passing along my passion to my beautiful daughter and lovely husband and intend to share it with others who love to bake. You can place your order online and pick up at Cream + Sugar Coffeehouse, which is our new coffeeshop and home.  ​

We provide sweet treats for individual customers and all kinds of social events. that include customizable dessert bars and special gifts for any occasion.  So please stop in and allow us to take care of your needs.


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